Application and Permit Consulting

We help you understand the legal requirements of the permit acquisition process and to navigate the complexities of operating with proper licensing in the MJ and MMJ industry.

The first step, prior to applying for and securing your local and state licenses, is a financial analysis of the market to help you understand the return on investment and costs associated with the project.  The process is complex and in competitive markets essential to understanding the optimal business strategy.  Once a strategy is agreed upon, and depending on the submission requirements, an application can be completed and submitted.

Duard’s clients have successfully achieved their objectives. They utilize our breadth of knowledge to develop a workable plan, flawless execution and highly efficient operations.

We guide our clients every step of the way – from permit and license application, site location and design, facility and security system design, product branding and marketing, cost controls, systems implementation, personnel training and management, and in-house compliance management.

We provide these services in all areas of the cannabis business –cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary (medical and recreational), operations and sales, processing and product distribution.






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