Facility Design and Floor Plan



A 3D rendering of the facility design can bring your idea and business plan to life and provide information needed for building cost estimates.

Building cost estimates

Detailed budgets, built from a large database of historical costs, ensure the minimization of cost overruns and the potential for subsequent dilution of original investors.


Utilizing state-of-the-art light and plant count schematic, we provide a table design and layout that supports extremely precise estimates of future yields and revenue projections.

 Floor Plan Design


The consultants and partners at Duard Ventures have extensive backgrounds in commercial construction and development.  Our knowledge base supports achieving impressive “gram-per-watt” numbers minimizing the risk for new investment and supporting the implementation of expansion objectives.

We believe that a crucial piece of the business plan is the facility design, which we deliver in CAD supported blueprints.  This piece of the puzzle lays the foundation for a clear understanding of the entire project and provides the input for accurate cost estimating including capital requirements, cost of goods sold and operational overhead.

Other areas of  Facility Design


Ancillary Design Elements. We not only focus on the obvious, we also understand the importance of environmental controls – air temperature, air circulation, CO2 levels, light spectrum, water quality, and nutrient efficiency – factors we consider in our design proposal. We always consider our client’s objectives and budgets in our proposals.

Dispensary. We look to the future when assisting in the design of dispensaries.  We understand the importance of the retail environment on the purchasing decision and the subsequent achievable sales per square foot.  We work with our clients to optimize the experience and the product offering at each location.

Manufacturing. We keep abreast of the latest in technology and processes in order to be able to manufacture numerous products such as oils, tinctures, topicals and edibles using both volatile and non-volatile extraction methods.

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