Standard Operating Procedures

We work with our clients to guide them in all areas of the cannabis business from cultivation to processing, manufacturing and dispensing.

We develop, with you, the fundamentals – a Marijuana Cultivation Operations Plan, which incorporates a process for obtaining licenses and securing investment.

We will provide a comprehensive operations manual for your business, which will detail the most efficient and effective procedures to operate your business on a day-to-day basis from cultivation to dispensing.

We will continue to provide you operational support on the changing laws and guidelines, updates in technological advances, and new systems that improve production and profitability.

We become your advocate – standing with you every step of the way.


We provide services from planning to planting.  Work includes designing the optimum lighting layout to utilization of the most advanced technology.


We can assist in the structuring and design of state of the art dispensaries.  We ensure full compliance where applicable and that each location utilizes the best in security, tracking and management.

Employee Training

Our senior specialists have extensive experience in cultivation, manufacturing and retail. We bring all employees into our systems ensuring that they are familiar with all of the systems and methods we use in our cultivation, manufacturing and retail process. Our employees are trained by best of cannabis specialists.